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Are you a new player in Minecraft? Then, you must need some tips on how to play this game effectively. Well, luckily for you, we have listed down several handpicked Minecraft tips on survival right in this discussion.

So, whether you are a pro or a newbie in Minecraft, you’re going to find this article post very useful. Thus, without further ado, let’s dive into the Minecraft tips on survival right now!!


10 Pro Survival Tips For Minecraft

Think Before Digging

The worst phenomenon that can happen to you is that, when you dig into the ground without examining what’s below, you can’t face unexpected accidents. To be more specific, you can hit the ceiling of an underground lava cave.

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So, you run the risk of falling on the lava by digging underground without knowing what’s below you.

That’s why we recommend that you take a good look around the terrain before you dig. And, you should also examine your coordinates on the map to make sure that the location you’re digging is indeed safe.

Fuel Consumption: Don’t Be Coal Based

Although coal is one of the most obvious choices in Minecraft as fuel, don’t forget to burn planks or sticks sometimes as well. Remember, if you have got a furnace, you can burn a bunch of things besides coal.\

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Therefore, If you can diversify your fuel usage, you can easily stay self-sufficient without ever running out of fuel to burn. Consequently, you can stay safe at night and conduct more safe exploration.

As a result of that, your inventory will stay full, and you will succeed in the Minecraft game.

Be Multifaceted In Crafting: Craft Many Items Simultaneously

When you’re looking for items to craft something, don’t limit yourself in the pursuit of crafting only one item. Instead, as you go through the game, collect many types of items to craft multiple objects at the same time.

Veteran players in Minecraft always utilize multitasking skills when crafting. Therefore, if you can utilize this technique/skill as well, it will give you high efficiency in winning and leveling up. Consequently, it will make you a pro player in no time.

Amass A Lot Of Torches

Although in Minecraft, many people explore the surface world in daylight most of the time, it is a clever decision to gather as many torches as you can while you explore. Why?

As experts from Gamescoinpro suggest, instead of exploring the open surface world, the majority of pro players in Minecraft scour through the caves in order to craft items at a faster rate. It’s because caves are full of useful crafting items.

But, how can you explore the caves when you don’t have a torch, right? That’s why we recommend that you amass enough torches in the beginning levels of your exploration, so you don’t have to face any predicament when you are in a cave.

Taking Advantage Of The Coordinates

As you may well know, Minecraft has a coordinate showing system that indicates the X and Y coordinates of your current location. Now, we recommend that you use this coordinate system from the beginning of your game.

As a result, you instantly have an idea of which area you are exploring and which area you haven’t explored yet. Consequently, you can effectively cover more ground and progress much faster in the game.

Think About Trapping The Villagers:

If you want to trade items with villagers, one way of ensuring that you can always find villagers to trade with is to trap them with walls. So, whenever you come across a village, put a wall around it so that the villagers cannot wander off.

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As an added benefit, the walls will also protect the villagers from zombies, and they will not get killed very easily. Therefore, trapping the villagers is a good idea to ensure your trade benefits in Minecraft.

Find Sheep Whenever You Can

One of the effective ways of skipping midnight survival in the game is to use bed items. But, in order to craft bed items, you’ll need wool from sheep. That’s why we recommend that you find sheep wherever you go in Minecraft. Why?

If you can find enough sheep in the biomes you are exploring, you can have enough wool for yourself. As a result, you can easily skip the nights by using beds made from wool. It’s because, in Minecraft, the nighttime is the most hostile time to be alive.

Utilizing Lava Buckets In The Furnace:

If you can’t find any coal or wood to burn in the furnace, remember that the lava bucket can also be used as fuel in the furnace. By burning the lava bucket, you can easily smelt about 100 items in the furnace.

That’s why whenever you find lava buckets, try to collect a few extras, so you don’t run out of fuel anytime soon.

Try To Base At Mushroom Biomes:

You should know that the mushroom biomes are the safest place to spend the night in the Minecraft world. It’s because dangerous mobs do not spawn in the mushroom biomes.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough resources to protect yourself at night, go ahead and find yourself a mushroom biome to rest in.

Furthermore, because mushroom biomes are full of mushrooms, you can easily use the mushrooms as food items to maintain your health. So, all in all, mushroom biomes are always a safe haven for you.

Take Advantage Of Water As Shelter

Remember, in the Minecraft game, enemies tend to move slower in the water. And, there are a bunch of water bodies available for you to take advantage of.

So, we recommend that you jump into the water whenever an enemy is pursuing or chasing you. Now, it’s best if you can find a shallow water body for this. Why? It’s because deep water bodies sometimes can be a place where Guardians can show up.

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That’s why whenever you find a shallow water body, take advantage of it to protect yourself from hostile enemies.


In addition to the above tricks, I would like to conclude by letting you know that you can conserve energy by skipping the activity of sprinting and jumping. In order to do that, just build railway networks to run minecarts. Consequently, you can save a lot of energy and enjoy a worry-free Minecraft experience.


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