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If you were to pair a boxer and a kickboxer in an all-out fight, you may wonder who will end up on top. It’s common sense that martial arts teach people to fight, that is, after all, their purpose. However, it’s always intriguing to compare two, such as boxing and kickboxing.

A kickboxer would beat a boxer if they were to fight because he knows to use more fighting techniques and can approach the fight better than the boxer. Of course, the fight can go either way, and it’s impossible for all kickboxers to beat all boxers. That said, they’re more likely to do so.

Being the best fighter is all about being as dynamic and adaptive as possible. Therefore, knowing how to approach and adapt to a fight—is the most critical part. As such, always learning and knowing more and more fighting techniques—is the key to becoming the ultimate fighter.

Martial artists consider MMA, or mixed martial arts, as the most accurate platform to dictate who is the best fighter worldwide. Why is that? That’s because you can use anything fighting technique, from any martial art, considering it’s legal and moral, against your opponent.

Because of that, the best boxer in the world isn’t the best fighter—and the opposite. Nevertheless, boxing and kickboxing are both effective and practical martial arts, which will teach you how to fight fiercely.

This article will examine and compare a boxer against a kickboxer. Likewise, I’ll make sure to present both sides of the martial arts, so you’ll get the complete picture and be able to select one that you’ll want to learn.

Boxer vs. Kickboxer, who would win?

When comparing two fighting styles, we must take a hypothetical fight to understand which is the more effective or practical one. If we can do that, we’ll get a definitive answer in a rather obscure subject. The primary concept I’ll follow, for your information, is adaptiveness and the dynamic nature of each fighting style.

A kickboxer will be able to beat a boxer because his tool box is broader because he learns how to kick and punch. On the other hand, the boxer only knows how to punch, and of course, use various defensive and offensive combinations. And still, kickboxing will come out on top.

When you know how to approach the opponent in a different angle, you also are more likely to come out on top. Look at the situation that way – if you know how to kick and punch, you’re much more likely to cause more damage than someone who solely knows how to punch.

Nevertheless, both martial arts will give you an effective tool box that’ll allow you to cause massive damage to almost anyone. Of course, in a street fight, all you need is one solid punch or kick to finish the fight and come out on top.

Both kickboxing and boxing will teach you how to use punches, such as hook, cross, and jab. However, only the first will teach you how to use kicks, such as roundhouse, low-kick, side-kick, and high-kick.

Because of that, a kickboxer’s toolbox will be vaster than a boxer’s. As a result, the first will have more approaching chances because one is more dynamic and capable of adapting to more situations.

Can a boxer beat a kickboxer?

A boxer can definitely beat a kickboxer since boxing teaches effective and practical fighting techniques. For example, you’ll learn how to punch in various forms, such as hook, cross, jab, and uppercut. The kickboxer does have an advantage, since he knows how to punch and kick. And still, the scenario is possible.

Boxing is one of the simplest martial arts. That’s also why it got popular; people love following and watching it, as they can understand everything that’s going on.

Martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu and Judo are complex. As a result, many folks don’t bother watching it, as they’re uninterested in what’s going on.

So, boxers may find it easier to learn and train in boxing. For that reason, the boxer may find an opening or two to attack the kickboxer, which will give him the advantage and the win. As such, such a scenario is possible.

Which is better for self-defense, boxing or kickboxing?

If you’re interested in learning self-defense, martial arts are a suitable choice. They’ll help you learn effective and practical techniques—which are capable of causing massive damage quickly. For instance, if you know MMA, you can beat most people on the street.

For self-defense, kickboxing is more effective than boxing because it teaches more techniques, hence kicking and punching. Boxing is, nonetheless, effective for self-defense. However, it doesn’t teach kicking. And so, boxers will not have as many offensive approaches as kickboxers.

The purpose of most martial arts is to teach people self-defense. As a result, they’ll necessarily teach effective and practical fighting techniques.

Boxing does have a point over kickboxing: that is, it’s much simpler. Most boxers are capable of learning the basics in no time. That’s because a part of our nature is punches; Hence even people without any martial arts experience—are capable of throwing a punch, even if it’s weak.

On the other hand, kicking is much more complicated to learn and perfect, as it’s unnatural to throw a solid roundhouse kick, for example. Combining both punching and kicking is even harder. Therefore, you may rather learn boxing, as you’ll be able to pick it up quickly.

If you want to learn how to become a boxer, follow the link to read a step-by-step guide I wrote on the topic.

Should I learn boxing or kickboxing?

Giving a definitive answer as to which martial art you should learn—is impossible. That’s because it’s entirely individualistic. While one person may flourish when learning a grappling-based martial art, such as Jiu-Jitsu, another may detest it.

You should learn boxing if you’re looking for a simple martial art that teaches effective punching techniques. On the other hand, if combinations of punches and kicks—seem interesting to you—consider kickboxing as your primary martial art.

Both fighting styles are suitable for self-defense. If that’s your goal, then, you don’t have to think too hard about it, since you’ll be achieving your goal regardless of which one you choose.

On a personal note, kicking has always been something I wanted to perfect. When you see a kickboxer lands a solid kick that immediately knocks the opponent, you can’t stop wanting to learn and use it as well. If you’re anything like me, kickboxing may be a better option.

However, if a simple martial art is all you’re looking for, consider learning to box. Eventually, I’ve experimented with almost all martial arts, and I’ve come to a decisive conclusion: if your purpose is strong enough, you’ll stick and enjoy learning any martial art.

If you want to know which fighting styles are the deadliest in the world, follow the link to read an article I wrote containing the complete list.

Can a boxer become a kickboxer?

When you first learn any martial art, you get used to it. As a result, switching or learning another fighting style—is difficult. For that reason, if we discuss the topic of a boxer becoming a kickboxer, it’s possible, but hard.

A boxer can become a kickboxer if one decides to start learning the art of kicking from the beginning. That’ll require plenty of extra work and dedication because it’s an unintuitive movement, unlike punching. But, making this switch is possible and not as hard as everything that boxing teaches applies to kickboxing.

So, yes. You can make this switch, if you want to experiment with a new martial art. I do always encourage others to expand their view of the world by always trying new things. Eventually, it has what made me, and many of my friends, who they currently are.

Final words

To end this article, I want to show my great and deep appreciation for kickboxers and boxers, as one. Regardless of which fighting style you are doing currently, or want to learn, you’re trying to improve yourself. For that reason, you have my respect.

Martial arts are the best way to learn how to fight. However, if you want to become the best fighter, it’ll be best to focus on a fighting style that teaches a broad range of fighting techniques. That’s why kickboxing is more effective for fighting than boxing, which only focuses on punching movements.

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